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South Coast Logistics

Logistics - Project Management

South Coast Logistics is prepared to handle your next project, whether it’s a single new construction location, a rollout of new P.O.S. systems, or a full remodel of a multi-location chain.  With our experience, knowledge and technology you can count on us to manage projects that require a substantial amount of coordination and planning. Although there are many types of industries that can benefit from this service, some of the main industries served are:

·        Hospitality /hotel

·        Restaurant

·        Hospital

·        Retail 

·        Theaters

·        Casinos

·        Telecommunication centers

We know that your company needs any project or transition to be done with efficiency and professionalism - at South Coast Logistics we have the capabilities and network to quickly and smoothly get you back to producing revenue again. We offer a broad range of services for project management and can create a total solution that is based on your company’s needs and requirements.  Some of the services we offer are:

·        On time delivery

·        Sequenced site deliveries

·        Coordinated merges/product consolidation 

·        Warehousing /storage

·        Transportation management

·        Inventory management 

·        Installation

·        Inspection/staging

·        After delivery services

·        Manage facilities

·        Container unloading/sorting