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Data Center/Server Relocation

Data Center Server MoveYour servers are the lifeline of your company. Whether you need to relocate a single server or an entire data center, South Coast Logistics has the experience and expertise to handle your equipment safely and precisely. We will manage every phase of your project, providing service customized to your unique needs. A project manager will assist you and your employees throughout the entire process, to ensure that your business experiences minimal disruption.


Our multi-disciplinary team will gain a thorough understanding of your requirements in order to create a customized solution. Prior to moving your equipment, your project manager will work with you and your staff to map all required connections, network drops, equipment locations, and power requirements. Through our comprehensive planning process, you can rest assured that every contingency has been addressed and accounted for.


South Coast Logistics will handle every detail of your server relocation, from shutdown at the existing location to power-up at your new location, all while maintaining the safety of your equipment and the integrity of your data. Contact us today to learn more partnering with South Coast for all of your relocation needs.